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Understanding target binding kinetics is critical to tuning molecule efficacy. Great therapeutic candidates should achieve the optimum affinity and antigen specificity.

To advance in-depth characterisation and aid candidate selection, we offer a variety of optimised SPR platform methodologies, ready to assess protein-protein binding interactions.

Download our SPR technical presentation to learn more about all our SPR capabilities and chat to our experts to see how we could collaborate and enhance your drug discovery journey.

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Characterise antibody Fc interactions using SPR

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With our in-house produced high quality Fcγ and FcRn receptors and two state-of-the-art Biacore 8Ks on site, we offer high throughput and high performance assays, to get the binding data you need while saving you time and money. Why select us?

 Antibody-Analytics-icon (8) - monitor in roundelBetter value

Our quality-controlled production yields receptors of high purity, quantity and function at a fraction of the cost of most commercially available equivalents.

Antibody-Analytics-icon (3) - research results in roundelMore accurate data

Inverse orientation means interference from non-specific binding of ‘sticky’ material is eliminated.

Antibody-Analytics-icon (2) - plain document in roundelLow test sample requirement

With Fc receptor proteins as the analyte, lower quantities of your precious test antibodies are required.

Assess binding dependencies by SPR

Antibody Analytics - SPR Dependency assay final

Differential affinity is key to maximising the therapeutic window of immune cell engagers. Have you considered how single occupation of an antibody binding domain may affect a 'cis' interaction? This is especially relevant to T cell engagers, where target antigen binding can influence the kinetics of the interaction of anti-CD3 arm with the T cell. Understanding binding dependencies is critical for the prediction of functional activity, and extends beyond immune cell engagers to all classes of bispecific and multispecific antibodies and even conventional monoclonals.

Our dependent binding assessments can be applied to T cell engagers, bispecifics and even to determine how the Fab-antigen interaction of an IgG1 molecule may affect the interaction of the Fc domain with Fc receptors. We have established a range of SPR assay designs to interrogate these dependencies. These can be applied across the drug discovery life cycle.

What are the benefits of our method?

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Functional relevance

The assay aims to mimic the formation of the immune-complex between antibody and target followed by a second target, aiming to delineate how differently the molecule may behave when one binding arm is engaged.

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Gold-standard equipment

The unique A-B-A functionality of the Biacore 8K allows for the injection of a flanking molecule during sample injection which negates the need for the molecule in the running buffer.

AA - smart data

Precise and accurate data

The assay set-up maintains a constant saturating concentration of one of the binding partners during the multi-cycle kinetic analysis ensuring the data truly represents association and dissociation of only one binding pair.

Assess your antibody library with epitope binning

Our assay set up can test up to 48 samples over two runs using the 96-well format. The readouts generated include binding sensorgrams, an epitope heatmap, and an epitope bin wheel showing connections between bins. This is what we offer:

Biacore 8K instruments: our SPR epitope binning assays are performed using one of our Biacore 8Ks, the gold standard for characterisation of biotherapeutics.

Optimised assay conditions: our tandem assay format means assay conditions are already defined so sample testing can start as soon as the capture of the antigen and the binding of the antibody samples are confirmed.

Synergic SPR assays: we have a flow of optimised and customisable SPR assays that can follow your molecule throughout the development process.

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Find out more about our off-the-shelf SPR assays

Access the most popular "plug-and-play" SPR assay specification sheets to see how we could advance your drug discovery journey.

We have pre-developed methods for the following protein targets: BCMA, CD19, HER2, LAG3, PD-1, PSMA, TIGIT & TIM3. 

Feel free to ask us any questions, our experts are always ready for a quick chat.

SPR spec sheets - Antibody Analytics

Join us for SPR Reflections 

Our SPR experts launched a mini video series called SPR Reflections where they answer the most frequently asked SPR questions in short 2-3 min episodes.

Dive into the fascinating world of Surface Plasmon Resonance and get ready to explore the latest insights with Dr Nichole Cerutti (Director of Biophysics), Dr Sophie Moncrieff (Senior Study Manager) and Dr Louis Julien (Study Manager).



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